Gentleman Dance Host - Tanzpartner Austria
Ihr Tanzpartner für Salsa, Rockn Roll, Freestyle Hustle, Discofox, Standart

News 2018

My Location:

... currently ...

Austria, Bad Schallerbach

Next Location:

... from ... to ...


Planned Vacation Trips:

... 06/ 07/ 08 - 2018


Gentleman Dance Host - Dancing Partner,

as nice, personal Dancing Partner for Dance Evenings in Dance Club, Dance Bar, Wedding, Ball, Events and other Localities

Dancing Course Escort,

in Dance Academy for  Beginner and advanced Courses, Standard Dance Courses up to Silber, Rockn Roll, Discofox, Salsa and Single Dance Course

Only Dancing Escort Dating - No Dancing Lessons

Gentlemen Dance Host as Dancing Partner, but i give no Dancing Lessons as Dancing Teacher! I am only a Amateur Dancer!

Dancing Hall,

preferred for normal Dances with focus on Freestyle Hustle, Discofox but additional for Rockn Roll, Cha Cha Cha and Salsa.

Gentleman Dance Host

Ballroom, Wedding, offizial Events

Gentleman Dance Host

Dance Hall, Dancing Course, Cruise

Gentleman Dance Host

Traveling, Spare Time, Hiking, Dinner


Global Locations für a Gentleman Hoste Date:

Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Africa, Worldwide

Gentleman or Gentleman Dance Host, Deffination:

A Gentleman Dance Host brings the dream of a man who can dance, who thereby a little bit flirting, and brings for a defined period of time a charming company for Ballroom, Weding,  offizial Events, Dance Hall, Dancing Course, Cruise Trip, Traveling, Spare Time, Hiking, Dinner, Birthday Party, Company Celebration, Woman Hen Night, Bachelorette Party, Party Ship, Cruise Ship Line Dance, Datings, Ladys Night. Nothing more, but also nothing less than that ...

About me ...

Amateur Dancer, 50, 178cm, dancing is a wonderfull leisure activity for me to sty fit and to have a lot of fun. I am explicit no a dancing Teacher oder a professional Dancer

If you have very high damands on your Dancers, dont further thought about me! I am very pleased about all the other requests from Amateur Dancers which did not have a appropriate Dance Partner

Gentleman Dance Host - Ballroom 2018

For Smaltalks, some of my Interests:

Spend Holidays at the Beach with Sun and Palms, Pool, Wellness, Sauna, Rovinj, Istrien, Mallorca, Dom Rep, Caribbean, Nudism Beaches, Wellness Camping, All Inclusive, Race Snowboarding, popular Hits and Pop Songs, my favourite Dances are Freestyle Hustle, Discofox and Salsa, my favorite Food ist Pasta und Pizza, Chinese, Barbecue, Salads, positive Attitude, Ambitious, Honest, Reliable and Creative. My preferred Season is the warm Springtime and the sunny Summer

I dont like:

Cold Seasons, Rain, Annual Vacation only in the Mountains or in the cold Nord, very overweight Dancing Partner, unkempt Apperence, Jazz Music

My favourite Places to Stay

Mallorca, Ibiza, Florida, Rovinj, Miami, Caribbean, Cuba, Domenican Republic, Bankok, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cuba

My Language Levels 0 to 5:

German +++++
English ++
Spain +

My Dance Levels: 0 to 5:

Huste, Discofox +++++
Tscha Tscha Tscha +++
Rockn Roll +++
Standard +++
Salsa +++

Price for 24h exclusive Willingness:

Daly Rate expense Allowance is, 500 Euro oder 650 US Dollar per Day
+ free Expenses as Flight Tickets, Travel Tickests, Entraces, ... ,
+ free Board and Lodging

Payment: Only against advanced Payment with Credit Card or „Paypal“!